Our performance


Exam results are an essential indicator of performance, both for our students, and for the school.

Every year, our internal value-added analysis from the University of Durham confirms that our results consistently exceed expectations.

  • In 2013, we achieved the best IB results in Belgium in many categories, and almost three times higher than the international average. (Over 16% of students passed with the highest marks of 40 or over, compared to last year’s global average of 6.6%.) To be so far above the worldwide average is a measure of how well students do at BSB. This is all the more remarkable because BSB is a non-selective school, taking students from all abilities and all national education systems.
  • In 2013, 29.5% of students sitting A Level examinations scored A or A*.
  • Over half the GCSE examinations taken in 2013 were passed at Grades A* and A – an increase of 2% on 2012.
  • In 2013 in Primary School, 100% of children in Year 6 achieved Level 4 and above in Mathematics. 70% of the children achieved a Level 5 in Reading, indicating attainment levels above the national average.

Exam results 2013


Extra-curricular achievement

Learning is at the heart of our curriculum, but it is never pursued at the expense of personal growth and development.

At BSB, we help students to achieve their goals inside and out of the classroom, discovering talents through extra-curricular activities from music and drama to physics clubs, mathematical quests and competitive sports.