COVID-19 - Our response

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, BSB has closely followed Belgian Government guidelines and all decisions have been made in the context of both these requirements and scientific expertise from sources such as The World Health Organisation and the Belgian Ministry of Health & Education. BSB’s Core Crisis Team, led by the Principal, meets regularly to evaluate the evolving situation and make decisions accordingly. Our first priority has always been to put the health and safety of our community – our students, families and staff – first.

During these challenging times, the BSB community continues to be strong together. Our parent association, Families of BSB (FoBSB) are still very active.  For newcomers, for example, a member of FoBSB contacts new families and ensures you have everything you need, which might be a simple welcome call in your own language, a chat about life in Belgium or how to get the best out of our virtual learning platform. Current parents are able to join a FoBSB organised Facebook page to share useful information and make connections.

BSB communicates with its parents on a very regular basis with a ‘Principal’s Update’ keeping everyone informed of developments and changes. Parents can contact the Leadership Team directly through dedicated emails.


We continue to accept new applications at any time of the calendar year, and have successfully welcomed numerous new students during the lockdown period including arranging for the provision and collection of laptops and iPads in a safe environment and online training by our technical team to get started. We are fully prepared to continue to do this in future.

Our Admissions Team remain open for business for tours on campus at predetermined and scheduled times. You can arrange a visit to the school for a tour of the campus by contacting them at:

We have resumed face-to-face interviews where we can, otherwise our pre-joining interviews continue via Skype.

Please click here if you would like to see our virtual tour before coming to see us.

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