Continuous Learning Provision

BSB’s Continuous Learning Provision (CLP) for students was implemented from the start of lockdown and continued whilst the school campus remained partially closed.  While these activities cannot replicate the learning that takes place in our classrooms, they do allow children and families to continue to feel part of our community, enabling learning and development throughout the time they are not physically at school. Our CLP aims to be meaningful and appropriate to the age of the student and will take various forms. We have also considered what is manageable in a home environment.

Current students unable to be on campus have access to our virtual platform which details the CLP. All Secondary School students have their electronic devices at home and where appropriate, all Primary School children have their school-issued iPads.


During these challenging times, the BSB community continues to be strong together. Our parent association, Families of BSB (FoBSB) are still very active. For newcomers, for example, a member of FoBSB contacts new families and ensures you have everything you need, which might be a simple welcome call in your own language, a chat about life in Belgium or how to get the best out of our virtual learning platform. Current parents are able to join a FoBSB organised Facebook page to share useful information and make connections.

BSB communicates with its parents on a very regular basis with a ‘Principal’s Update’ keeping everyone informed of developments and changes.  All parents can contact the Leadership Team if they have comments or questions through a dedicated email.

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