COVID-19 - Our response

Health and safety remain paramount. We have been meticulous about hygiene standards. Our objective is to do the right thing educationally for our staff and students, while not compromising their health and safety. Any decisions are scrutinised by our Director of Operations and our Health & Safety Officer to ensure we maintain a safe environment for the return of our staff and students.

The safety of our students and staff is the most important thing to get right and we are confident that we can make a safe environment which will meet the Belgian Government guidelines and legislation about safety.

The following are examples of some of the aspects that will be in place when students begin to return to campus:

Cleaning: We will make sure that the campus is thoroughly sanitised before our return, and are undertaking additional cleaning and disinfecting of areas that will be frequently touched, such as table tops and door handles.

Basic personal hygiene: We know that personal hygiene is essential so more time will be allowed during the day to ensure basic hygiene routines e.g. hand sanitising, hand washing before meals etc. We have removed/switched off hand-dryers in toilet areas and replaced them with paper towels. For Primary students we will be particularly careful to check for toilet use and handwashing.

Drinking fountains: The drinking fountains will not be in use to avoid saliva contamination. Students will need to bring their own drinks and we will provide bottled drinks to ensure that all children are not thirsty.

Social distancing: We are confident that we can organise our space to ensure appropriate social distance between students. For example, we are looking carefully at using larger spaces, not necessarily students’ usual classrooms. For social distancing we will also use floor markings, one-way systems on staircases etc. We will adhere to all government guidelines on class sizes and the required square meterage per person.

Masks: we are currently investigating what might be required for facial coverings including masks. Parents, staff and students will be advised of our decision.

Cafeteria: The Cafeteria will remain closed so students will need to bring a packed lunch. Dining will be arranged to respect social distance requirements, appropriate hygiene measures and hand washing.

Designated isolation areas: We will be in liaison with our school nurses in order to have a designated isolation area for any students or staff member if they begin to exhibit Covid-19 symptoms during the school day. This will be separate to a first aid post for more usual first aid e.g. cuts and scrapes.

Drop off and pick up: Decisions about arrangements for a gradual return to campus may involve adjusting our usual start/end times of the school day to ensure the safe movement of different groups of students on campus.

We have also reviewed under what conditions parents would be able to come onto campus for drop off and pick up of younger students, and how we could do this while ensuring parents are maintaining social distancing and hygiene requirements.


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