Staying Safe and Well on Campus

Health and safety remain paramount. We have been meticulous about hygiene standards. Our objective is to do the right thing educationally for our staff and students, while not compromising their health and safety. Any decisions are scrutinised by our Director of Operations and our Health & Safety Officer to ensure we maintain a safe environment for the return of our staff and students.

The safety of our students and staff is the most important thing to get right and we are confident that we have been able to make a safe environment which meets the Belgian Government guidelines and legislation about safety.

BSB has had an incredibly low number of COVID-19 cases to date, and we are proud of our whole community in this regard.

The following are examples of some of the aspects that have been put in place before students returned to campus:

Cleaning: As well as the usual cleaning service we have in place, we are undertaking additional cleaning and disinfecting of areas that are frequently touched, such as table tops and door handles. Ventilation is an important part of combatting COVID-19 and we continue to open windows and doors in the classrooms and around campus as much as possible.

Basic personal hygiene: We know that personal hygiene is essential so more time will be allowed during the day to ensure basic hygiene routines e.g. hand sanitising, hand washing before meals etc. We have removed/switched off hand-dryers in toilet areas and replaced them with paper towels. For Primary students we are particularly careful to check for toilet use and hand washing.

Social distancing: BSB has many outdoor spaces on its large campus and we are maximising these. We have looked carefully at using larger spaces, not necessarily students’ usual classrooms and we have put in place floor markings, one-way systems on staircases etc.

Masks: Primary school students do not need to wear a mask at any time apart from when travelling on a school bus. Secondary school students do not have to wear a mask when seated but they must wear a mask when moving around the campus or classroom. The exception is that masks do not have to be worn in PE lessons or sport Enrichment. If playing on the pitches at breaks or lunchtimes, however, Secondary students must wear a mask if in mixed Year Groups and undertaking contact activities e.g. mixed football. They must wear a mask when travelling on a school bus.

All Parents must wear a mask when on campus.

All staff must wear a mask when moving around the campus or when in a sitting context when social distancing cannot be maintained. Staff in classrooms wear a mask when circulating in the classroom or when social distancing cannot be maintained. Staff do not need to wear a mask when teaching from the front of the classroom as long as social distancing to the first children can be maintained. Staff in ECC do not need to wear a mask when working with these children. Staff must wear a mask on the school buses.

Of course, staff and students are free to wear a mask at any time they wish in addition to the requirements above.

Cafeteria: In order to meet food safety and hygiene requirements and to reduce high numbers of students queuing in a confined space, the cafeteria will be open but there will be a reduced menu. Special dietary requirements will still be met. Dining is arranged to respect social distance requirements, appropriate hygiene measures and hand washing.

Designated isolation areas: We have been in liaison with our school nurses in order to have a designated isolation area for any students or staff member if they begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the school day. This will be separate to a first aid post for more usual first aid e.g. cuts and scrapes.

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