Stages of learning

Our Early Childhood Centre is a nurturing environment for young children. We follow the UK’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ guidelines which provides a structured approach to learning through play and exploration.

A wide choice of activities are always available, for example art, construction toys, role play, sand and water, music, gym, nature walks and stories. Our approach is friendly, informal and yet structured, ensuring that children are able to move on confidently to Kindergarten at the age of three.

There are four themes which guide our Early Childhood Centre in all activities:

1. A unique child: Helping your child to feel confident, self-assured and to enjoy being with others.

2. Positive relationships: Listening and responding sensitively, as well as looking at ways to promote language actively through stories, rhymes and toys.

3. Enabling environments: Moving and exploring in an active way helps brain development, aiding children to understand and respond to their world.

4. Learning and development: Developing ‘the whole child’; this includes food, safety and hygiene to make sure children are secure, and starting to learn about taking decisions.

By choosing BSB’s Early Childhood Centre, your child will be given the best possible start to their life of learning and friendships.

Guide to the Early Childhood Centre

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