Employer Engagement

BSB is dedicated to our students’ success on campus and beyond.

Our growing Employer Engagement Programme aims to:

  • bridge the gap between students’ education and their future professional endeavours;
  • offer Secondary and Upper Primary students direct access to working professionals through in-school and on-site experiences, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about potential career paths;
  • encourage students to consider how they might apply their lessons to life beyond campus;
  • inspire students to identify and grow their personal strengths and interests;
  • build professional skill sets that not only position them to succeed in today’s competitive job market, but that are also universally relevant and fitting of BSB students’ global destinations.

BSB students can connect with the world of work through a range of Employer Engagement experiences:

Career Roundtables

A series of lunchtime ‘roundtable’ talks offered to Upper Secondary (Years 10-13) students each term, in which professionals from a variety of sectors share their career stories, offer advice and answer student questions.

Expert Panels

Panel discussions surrounding contemporary issues in professional development, open to the entire BSB community. Our Spring 2019 panel, entitled ‘Jobs lost, jobs gained: workforce transitions in a time of automation’ and presented in partnership with the British and American Chambers of Commerce and McKinsey Global Institute, focused on the impact that Artificial Intelligence may have on the future workforce. Learn more about this Expert Panel.

Site Visits

Off-campus trips in which students gain first-hand experience of a partner company’s workplace. Students have the opportunity to interact with company employees, tour the site, discover company culture, explore the role of each department, and learn how these departments must work together to promote the wider mission of the organisation. Learn more about our Year 10 students’ recent visit to the Solvay campus in June 2019.

Classroom Visits

In-class discussions in which professionals share their work and illustrate how the students’ course material can be applied outside of the classroom. Primary visits typically tie into one of BSB’s six yearly Integrated Learning Themes (ILTs), while Secondary visits are subject-specific. Parents, alumni, and professionals with no current link to BSB are all welcome to participate.

To request more information, share ideas, or volunteer as a professional partner in our Employer Engagement programming, please contact Amanda Nocera, Employer Engagement and Alumni Coordinator, at anocera@britishschool.be or +32 (0) 2 766 17 26.

A wide range of Employer Engagement activities

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