News 29 March 2017

BSB students have achieved impressive results in the British Biology Olympiad, a prestigious competition held annually by the Royal Society of Biology (UK). The competition is designed to challenge Biology students in Year 13 to show their wealth of biological knowledge and to expand and extend their talents.

This highly challenging competition consists of questions which require understanding beyond the scope of the curriculum and are designed to make students apply their knowledge to novel situations and 'think outside the box'. BSB encourages eligible students to take the opportunity to enter the Olympiad for which they sit rigorous online papers during their study periods. 

This year more than 7,500 students from across the UK and from British international schools competed. Four of our Year 13 students asked to be entered and successfully sat the papers during the month of January. We are delighted to announce that all four won prizes: one highly commended, two bronze medals and one silver medal. Congratulations to our award winners Pratyusha, Rashi, Vilhelmiina and Alexandru for their success.


Year 13 British Biology Olympiad award winners with BSB's Faculty Leader of Science and Technology.

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