Year 8 Geography classes

clean up Knokke beach

News 16 May 2017

The importance of preserving the natural environment has been a key theme for Year 8 Geography classes this year. In order to further their understanding of this issue, Year 8 students and teachers headed to Knokke-Heist, the most north-eastern seaside resort on the Belgian coast.

They spent the day picking up litter on the sand to ensure that the beach was as clean and plastic-free as possible. The Year Group managed to pick up an incredible 20 kilograms of rubbish in total. In addition to their hard work at the beach, the group also enjoyed visiting the Zwin nature reserve where they learnt about different bird species and the history of the waters and land on the 160-acre site. 

At the end of the trip, Year 8 returned to school with a greater understanding of plastic pollution and how to prevent it, as well as an appreciation for the natural beauty of the Belgian coastal region.


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