BSB celebrates student achievements at 2023 Awards

British International School of the Year recognises even more student success


In two inspiring ceremonies held on 15 June, The British School of Brussels honoured its amazing BSB Awards 2023 winners in a celebration of both Primary and Secondary academic and personal achievements.

When BSB was named as British International School of the Year in 2022, the jury based its decision on how BSB’s whole school community – our students, staff, and families – embodies our values and adheres to our Guiding Statements in everything we do.

We took immense pride in the fact that the actions and outstanding achievements of our confident, caring, and courageous students were recognised within that prestigious award.

It was only right then that we ourselves, as a school, celebrated those curious and resilient learners that go above and beyond in their learning, their contributions to the world around us, and their engagement – which is why there was so much emphasis on student agency and in this year’s BSB Awards on 15 June.

Driving change beyond the classroom: Student agency at BSB

BSB strives to be an educational force for good and aims to develop people who engage actively, ethically, and purposefully with the world around us. While we include student agency opportunities across our entire curriculum, it is often the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and imagination of the students themselves which drive the projects, campaigns and initiatives beyond their classrooms and lessons.

As is usual for us, along with celebrating academic excellence in a multitude of subjects and disciplines and honouring special individual achievements, we have recognised students from both our Primary and Secondary Schools for their incredible efforts in helping others and working towards a better world for all.

The day’s events began with the Primary Celebration Awards in the afternoon, a lavish ceremony honouring over 60 exemplary students in five main categories: the Learner Awards, the Working Together Awards, the Inspiring Others Awards, the Upper Primary Subject Awards, and the Service & Character Awards.

“It was particularly satisfying to celebrate the many awards for making a difference to the local and wider community, especially through humanitarian projects,” said BSB Principal Melanie Warnes.

Making a difference: BSB Awards acknowledge academic and community contributions

“To have children from Kindergarten to Year 4 proudly receiving their well deserved awards in front of proud parents and friends is a joyful community event.” added Neil Ringrose, Vice Principal and Head of Primary. “We recognise and celebrate children for who they are, as well as their academic performance and effort. It was also a privilege to have so many parents share their pride and happiness in their children as well as their overwhelming gratitude for how their children are cared for at our school.”


Recognising excellence: BSB Awards 2023 highlights primary and secondary achievements

Later that evening, students from Primary joined their Secondary counterparts for the whole school ceremony in a packed Jacques Rogge Hall, filled with proud parents, teachers, and members of the school’s wider community.

After a welcome speech from Student President Charlie and the opening address from Melanie, the assembled guests celebrated over 140 awards ranging from the Post-16 Subject Awards and Faculty Awards to a series of personal achievement accolades that showcased the vast range of truly inspiring accomplishments.

“As an inclusive school, BSB celebrates the rich diversity of students’ success and I am incredibly proud of all the students on our 2023 Awards,” Melanie added. We really do live our values and it is fabulous to see such remarkable young people on the stage for us to say, publicly, thank you and well done!”


Congratulations to all of our award winners, and a big thank you to everyone who attended and took part.

Read more about BSB being awarded the British International School of the Year award here.

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