Early Years and Primary at BSB

We believe that learning should be full of joy and wonder, while equipping children with the academic, social and emotional skills they need to thrive.

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General Overview

Primary education at BSB runs from age 1 to 11 and we are committed to supporting children through this remarkable period of growth. The unique child is at the heart of all we do and through our Guiding Statements, we aim to inspire and empower to give each child a voice and to recognise their individual strengths.


A BSB Education

Teaching and Learning

We believe that a truly great education leads to being a force for good. To this end, we have developed Guiding Statements and Teaching and Learning Principles to ensure that every child gets a fully rounded education. 

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Our teaching and learning principles

The whole school has worked together to develop a set of learning and teaching principles for BSB and these, along with the specific developmental needs of different ages of children, are what we intend for your child to experience in class:- We provoke wonder and joy in learning We build and nurture strong relationships and know our learners well We are experts in our field, engaging learners to discover more to make a difference We create inspiring and supportive environments that promote creativity and enable ownership of learning We develop knowledge and skills for life and learning

The Bilingual Programme

From Key Stage 1, a class in each year group will be taught bilingually in French and English by two native speakers of each language. Selection to these classes is based on aptitude and attitude towards French language and culture. 

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Bilingual learning at BSB

The bilingual classes follow the same curriculum as the English classes, but Maths and English are taught by the English speaking teacher and other subjects are taught in French. For our younger learners, teachers will adapt the level of immersion in the French language depending on the language level of the class. The bilingual programme runs through to the end of KS3 at which point all of our students enter the British GCSE programme.

Broad and Balanced – Specialist lessons

All our children are taught by specialists for French, Dutch, PE, Music and Outdoor Learning. This gives the children variety in their day, learning from people with expertise and passion in these subjects.

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Learning from experts

Our specialist PE, Music, French, Dutch, Library and Outdoor Learning (Learning Without Walls) teachers are experts in their fields and committed to ensuring that children at BSB enjoy their subjects. In addition to lessons, our specialist teachers offer a broad range of experiences to our children, including trips, team sports, performances and learning a whole range of practical skills. Our specialist teaching provision is part of our whole school commitment to developing the whole child and ensuring that every child can find something they love and can achieve in.

Units of Discovery

Our Units of Discovery cover the content of History, Geography, Science, Design Technology, Art and PHSE. They have been crafted to encourage children to make connections between subjects and to ask big questions about the world they live in.

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Discovery and action in education

Our Units of Discovery cover curriculum content, but go further - allowing children to ask questions about the state of the world – past, present and future – and to place themselves as empowered, active citizens within that world. As such, many of their units lead to change and action. In investigating their questions, children consider deeper philosophical and ethical issues around responsibility, power, sustainability and community. They explore how the subjects they study have contributed to and shaped the world and what can be learned from this story of human progress and development.

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