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Early Years (1-5 years)

Across ECC, Kindergarten and Reception we learn through play. We believe play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, relate to others, set their own goals and solve problems.

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Across the 1-5 Early Years inclusive provision we recognise that all children develop in different ways. We believe in each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments that encourage their engagement and recognise their strengths. All children have agency and curiosity to learn, we believe in instilling resilience through providing outstanding enabling environments. 

Areas of learning

At the heart of our Birth to 5 Matters curriculum are three aspects: ‘Playing and exploring’ ‘Active Learning’ and ‘Thinking Creatively and Critically’. We promote positive dispositions by providing living experiences of making choices, innovating, taking responsibility, facing challenge, thinking flexibly and critically, and learning how to learn so that they will be able to respond confidently to their unfolding future. 

Prime areas of development consist of three areas – Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Communication and Language. In every experience, we encourage the child to reflect on the feelings they are experiencing and develop a sense of self and others. We ensure they are physically engaged through their senses and movements, and learn to understand and communicate with others.  

Specific areas of focus are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Across the continuous provision rich learning experiences are provided to stimulate language, number sense and enjoy the discovery of the world around them.  

A Typical Day


Dive into engaging learning opportunities

At our school, adventure awaits around every corner! Our students are constantly encouraged to explore, discover, and work together to tackle exciting challenges. From constructing in the building area to unleashing creativity in the Design and Technology studio, from experimenting with sand and water to letting imaginations soar in our Creative studio, every space is bursting with opportunities for growth and innovation.


Embracing literacy: A journey of discovery

At our school, we ignite a lifelong love for reading. From day one, children dive into storytelling and creativity, crafting tales with pencils, paper, and dramatic play. With caring guidance, they explore language in all its forms, decoding sounds, uncovering meanings, and discovering the joy of communication. In Reception, daily active synthetic phonics sessions lay the foundation for their reading journey.


Unleashing the magic of maths

Effective mathematical experiences are planned for daily. These involve seeking patterns, creating and solving mathematical problems and engaging with stories, songs, games and imaginative play. This strong mathematical foundation is built through playful exploration, apprenticeship and meaning making.


Nurturing imagination and musical talent

Expressive Arts and Design are fostered daily through many opportunities that foster imagination, curiosity and experimentation. Alongside this the children enjoy focused music sessions once a week with the Music Specialists. These multi sensory sessions are rich in rhyme and tuning into sounds


The joy of outdoor learning

Embracing the great outdoors is at the heart of what we do. Every day, our students have the opportunity to learn outside, and once a week, we learn in the forest. These forest sessions are carefully designed to not only enrich our curriculum but also to ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity in our students.


Little linguists: Exploring French in KG and Reception

In KG and Reception, our young learners embark on exciting journeys into the French language through engaging and playful experiences integrated throughout their daily activities.

How we teach

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Nurturing growth: Reflection and enrichment

Our enabling environment and our highly trained early years practitioners use materials, space, questioning and stories to explore all the aspects of early learning.

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Building bonds, guiding growth

Our effective practice begins with observation, tuning into the child when building a relationship. Our experienced Early Years Practitioners use informed knowledge of child development that then supports how to build upon children’s interests, development and learning and planning for next steps. This process involves the child and of course parents/ carers as partners. We use responsive pedagogy that recognises what children know, understand and can do. Our enabling environment and our highly trained early years practitioners use materials, space, questioning, stories and provocations to explore all the aspects of early learning with children and so while we have guiding questions and regular books to stimulate learning, these are simply guides and the children may take us off in many directions as we go.

Building communication and language

Communication and language are at the heart of Early Years. Every day, we create a supportive environment where children can engage in conversations and language activities as part of their everyday play and learning.

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Nurturing development in Early Years practice

Communication and language lay a foundation for learning and development, guiding and supporting children’s thinking while underpinning their emerging literacy. We use an effective cycle of observation, assessment and planning. The observations of children in their play and planned activities are used carefully to identify next steps, shaping our curriculum. This then informs our planning of the enabling environment both indoors and outdoors. Keeping this cycle at the heart of practice enables our practitioners to build on children’s motivations and interests to support and extend their development and wellbeing. We observe children’s motivation to learn through connecting new experiences to what they already know and can do. Our Early Years Practitioners support these interests whist introducing children to new ideas and knowledge; sensitively guiding their learning in all areas, including the characteristics of effective learning.

Supporting early literacy

Early literacy skills are rooted across our pedagogical approach. Our children are listened to by attentive adults who recognise and value children’s choices. 

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Working in partnership

Our Early Years curriculum takes account of how children see themselves as learners. Observing how children learn helps our practitioners to see what children understand. We believe parents are partners in their child’s learning. Parents are essential partners, and we encourage them to share their views and observations about their child’s development. We recognise each child’s own unique pathway of development and learning.

Guided play: Fostering learning together

We prioritise meaningful interactions during play and activities, nurturing communication and language development through modelling, exploration, and encouragement.

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Inspiring curiosity and creativity outdoors

The enabling environment includes learning outdoors daily. We believe children are innately curious, driven learners who flourish if allowed to find out more about the world around them through playful contact throughout the year. During the many opportunities to learn outdoors we provoked children to Investigative, imagine and be inventive through a variety of natural materials providing authentic experiences. This hands-on, experiential learning nourishes opportunities for awe and wonder which allows each child to revisit their fascinations, schema and dispositions.

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