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Student FAQ

We have prepared a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions by new students. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team.

We have a huge number of extra-curricular activities BSB. There is a club for every interest. See our ‘Clubs & activities’ page for more information

Registration begins at 08.45. The school day finishes at 15.50 but many olders students stay later for Enrichment activities. Lower Primary children (Kindergarten-Year 2) have slightly different hours. Kindergarten children finish at 14.00 rather than 15.50. On Wednesdays, all Lower Primary children go home at 11.50.

Yes, we have a Cafeteria which all students from Year 3 and upwards can use. Meals are freshly prepared on site and purchased with a prepaid card. The Cafeteria is open at break times for healthy snacks and during two separate sittings at lunch for Primary and Secondary School students.

Our menu has significant choice with hot meals (including a vegetarian option), a salad bar, sandwich and panini stations and baked potatoes available every day. Students are also permitted to eat a packed lunch in the cafeteria.

We do not make money out of the Cafeteria. Prices are kept to an absolute minimum and are set to match running costs.

The Cafeteria menu is published online a week in advance and provides allergy information for each meal.

For Primary School students, the Tintin Library is a bright, spacious area with over 6,000 books for younger children, while the Rubens Library offers over 15,000 books, computers, and reading areas. These Libraries also offer dual-language books for multilingual learning.

Our Secondary School Library opens at 8.30 every morning and closes at 18.00. During that time, students can browse more than 16,000 books and e-books, read newspapers and magazines, or find a quiet place to study. Parents are also members of the Library and are welcome to borrow books from our extensive collection.

School uniforms are not common in mainland Europe. However, BSB students are expected to respect a dress code and ensure their clothing is appropriate for the learning environment. There is a school PE (sports) kit which all students must wear for PE from Year 3 onwards.

Our new Jacques Rogge Sports Centre has a 25m swimming pool, gymnastics arena, fitness suite, dance studio and multi-purpose sports hall. We also have outdoor pitches for sports like hockey and rugby.

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In an extensive survey conducted in 2016 across both Primary and Secondary Schools (by an independent research firm), BSB students said they thought “BSB was welcoming, respectful, inspiring, caring and encouraging.”  Students at BSB are very happy owing to the “feel” of the place which is friendly and inclusive. Children across the school agreed that:

    • BSB is welcoming and friendly and that they make good friends;
    • They feel safe and secure;
    • Teachers are encouraging and inspire students to make good progress in their learning;
    • Classrooms are well-equipped;
    • Opportunities for sports and extra-curricular clubs are extensive.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, BSB has closely followed Belgian Government guidelines and all decisions have been made in the context of both these requirements and scientific expertise from sources such as The World Health Organisation and the Belgian Ministry of Health & Education. BSB’s Core Crisis Team, led by the Principal, meets regularly to evaluate the evolving situation and make decisions accordingly. Our first priority has always been to put the health and safety of our community – our students, families and staff – first.

BSB Covid-19 response for Year 13 students

In the 2022-23 academic year

    • Lessons have taken place on campus though higher rates of absence are anticipated due to seasonal covid infections and quarantine requirements.

In the 2021-2022 academic year

    • From September 2021 lessons took place on campus.
    • Mock exams in Year 13 were scheduled a month earlier in November 2021 to secure the grades from this in case of a lockdown at a later point.

In the 2020-21 academic year 

    • From September 2020 lessons predominately took place on campus
    • From 2-13 November 2020 Belgium was in a two week lockdown so all teaching took place online for this fortnight.
    • Schools were allowed to return from Monday 16 November but for students in Year 10-13 this was on a 50% basis with half the time learning on campus and the other half being taught from home through webcam facilitated lessons.
    • This continued until Monday 17 May so students were learning from home through webcams for approximately 55 school days.

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