Our philosophy

'Learning together, inspiring success'.

Our philosophy

At The British School of Brussels, we believe that learning should be academically centred, but sensitive to the wider needs of students and their families.

Our goal is to create young adults who rise to the challenge of the modern world. We want to inspire and motivate responsible, engaged students who have respect for themselves and each other. Our governance, leadership, staff, curriculum, and facilities all work in support of this philosophy. 

We achieve this through:

  • high quality teaching and learning
  • high quality support for learning
  • a creative dynamic and holistic curriculum
  • enhancing learning through leading-edge technologies
  • leading excellence and innovation in professional practice and development
  • the fostering of international mindedness in all members of our community
  • effective partnerships with the local and wider community
  • high quality and sustainable campus facilities and resources
  • a safe and secure learning environment
  • effective governance and leadership.

‘Learning together, inspiring success’

Individually, each word represents a concept that is important to us. Together, the words exemplify the philosophy of the school. BSB is a world class international learning community that is:

• welcoming and caring;

• working together to challenge everyone to achieve their academic and personal potential;

inspiring an on-going desire to broaden minds and horizons;

• nurturing global awareness and realising success.

Definition of internationalism

BSB seeks to develop and broaden intercultural understanding as well as engage with and celebrate our interlingual diversity. In addition, we wish to foster an active, ethical and purposeful engagement with the world around us, rooted in empathy, solidarity and sustainability.

A 'Play Unified' friend

BSB has enjoyed a 25-year relationship with the Special Olympics Belgium. We share the philosophy and the values of solidarity, respect and integration. BSB is actively involved in enhancing social integration and reaffirming the acceptance of people with disabilities.  We do this by offering the opportunity for Belgian Special Olympians with intellectual deficiencies to join BSB athletes and practice sports together using the sports facilities at the school. In particular, BSB students are working towards a joint swimming activity at BSB in winter 2017. We are very proud to be a ‘Play Unified’ friend.

An atmosphere of learning

What our teachers say

Nicki, Head of Inclusion (Primary)

“It is a joy to work with students from many nationalities. It is our job to provide the supportive, safe and nurturing environment for them to start and continue on their learning journey by taking risks. Watching a non-English speaker embrace the language and speak those first tentative words reminds you of the challenges they face on a daily basis.” — Nicki, Head of Inclusion (Primary)

John, Deputy Head (Secondary)

“I've worked in several schools before BSB but never found a set of students be so tolerant, accepting and caring towards each other. It's a school where students can be confident to be themselves and can develop to be the person they aspire to be.” — John, Deputy Head (Secondary)

Laura, Speech and Language Therapist

“BSB guides and supports children from such a wide variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds to become the most caring, open-minded and confident students.” — Laura, Speech and Language Therapist

Christi-Ann, Faculty Leader Performance & the Arts

“I loved BSB from the moment I came for interview, and still love teaching here 10 years later! The school has amazing facilities, dedicated teachers and wonderful students from a huge range of countries and backgrounds. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly to all, and together we focus on the development and education of each student as an individual.” — Christi-Ann, Faculty Leader Performance & the Arts

Barry, KS3 Coordinator for English

“BSB gives me everyday opportunities that I would rarely experience worldwide: to work with international students; to involve myself with charitable work to raise funds for the needy; to explore human rights; and to work in a cauldron of creative minds in my classroom daily.” — Barry, KS3 Coordinator for English

Mark, Head of Higher Education & Film Coordinator

“10 years ago, BSB became one of the first international schools to start teaching Film. I'm really proud of the films the students have made since then, the international scope of course and the resources available at BSB to study this 'seventh art'.” — Mark, Head of Higher Education & Film Coordinator

Maria, Faculty Leader of Science and Technology

“I love working at BSB because of its truly international nature. Having students from so many culturally diverse backgrounds, speaking a multitude of languages and sharing personal histories has enriched me and made me a much more tolerant and understanding human being.” — Maria, Faculty Leader of Science and Technology