Family life

BSB is more than a school; it's an international community.

Family life

We invite you to join our extended family of students, teachers, and parents. We are an open and welcoming community made up of 70 different nationalities.

New families are always impressed by the excellent support provided by Families of BSB (FoBSB), our parents’ association, who make every effort to ensure that there is a warm welcome here for every family. Parents play an active part in the school community, from involvement in sport and drama productions to charity fundraising events. At BSB the whole family is supported both socially and practically, helping to provide a smooth transition to a new life in Belgium.


At the heart of our community

Our families

What our parents say

The Pillay family, Seychellois

“From day one we had excellent service and a very warm welcome from the devoted staff of BSB. The school's location provides a conducive environment for learning. The academic aspects of the BSB are superb, and so are the sports facilities and recreational activities supported by the school. I would definitely recommend it to my colleague diplomats in need of an English-speaking school in Brussels.” — The Pillay family, Seychellois

The Bruyninckx family, Belgian and French

“The best school we have ever known! There is an individual understanding of each child according to his/her character, gifts and possibilities. In fact, this gives the impression that every child has a chance at BSB.” — The Bruyninckx family, Belgian and French

The Ampolini family, USA

“We changed schools and joined BSB because we felt our son needed to be challenged more academically. The tour of the school gave us a wonderful impression (the facilities, the professionalism of the staff, the size, the Admissions staff). I just wish I had considered the British School when we came two years ago. As Americans we sometimes shy away from British schools because they are different from what we are traditionally used to but on the international scale BSB is very highly regarded.” — The Ampolini family, USA

The Ziegler family, Dutch and Indian

“[Our child] was encouraged throughout and found a new area to excel in (film). He has also been able to make some very close friends in a relativey short period of time, undoubtedly, the social fabric of BSB has contributed to this. As far as I am concerned, BSB was the best choice I could have made for him.” — The Ziegler family, Dutch and Indian

The Malhotra family, British

“When we first visited BSB, we found the staff were very welcoming and friendly and the facilities were amazing. We felt that this would be the best environment for our twins.” — The Malhotra family, British

The Stockman family, USA

“The atmosphere and interaction with initial BSB personnel was very warm and friendly. Our communications with the Admissions team were both efficient and very helpful.” — The Stockman family, USA

The Strobel How family, British and German

“"The respectful environment at BSB has deeply impressed me. It’s been a privilege to be part of the community."” — The Strobel How family, British and German

The Sané family, French

“BSB challenged our son to go further, and also helped him to develop his global personality through the activities and the 'community' mindset. He arrived at BSB in Year 9 coming from a French system. The integration in a small classroom and the EAL support provided him with the confidence and the skills to integrate into the overall programme.” — The Sané family, French

The Van Trappen family, Belgian

“BSB has really good values: the spirit of being one family and one community where the interaction with different cultures and respect for each other is important.” — The Van Trappen family, Belgian

The Oikonomou family, Greek

“We appreciate the educational system of BSB, which is very well suited to help our child grow up in an international environment.” The Oikonomou family, Greek

Anonymous, Belgian and Chinese

“BSB's strengths are innovativeness, creativity, individual development of students, introducing to them all aspects of lives, providing a wide range of subjects with professional guidance.” — Anonymous, Belgian and Chinese

Anonymous, Spanish

“My daughter was welcomed and felt very at home when she arrived at Secondary School. The school organisation is amazing. Everything has been thought of.” — Anonymous, Spanish

Anonymous, British

“Both our children have enjoyed the theme-based learning approach that BSB takes to academic learning. Their musical and dramatic performances have also provided some memorable highlights.” — Anonymous, British

The Eickhoff family, Belgian

“My four daughters have loved their experience at BSB and it was a pleasure to see the beautiful development of the school both in terms of facilities as well as quality of education since 1992 (all four started in Kindergarden)!” — The Eickhoff family, Belgian

The Miller family, British

“The school is a very positive environment not only for the children attending but also for their parents. It is supportive and encouraging and provides excellent choices in both academic and sporting options.” — The Miller family, British

The Kiikeri family, Finnish

“BSB has very good teachers and good academic standards. Teachers are very committed to their work, they encourage and motivate all students to do their best. Instead of pointing out the problems, they search for solutions and concentrate on the strengths of the students. This positive atmosphere is very important for learning. Students also enjoy school and have fun.” — The Kiikeri family, Finnish

The Van Trappen family, Belgian

“BSB has really good values: the spirit of being one family, one community where the interaction with different cultures and the respect for each other is important.” — The Van Trappen family, Belgian

The Downing family, British

“[Our son] has enjoyed his time at BSB, he is leaving it a confident, well rounded and successful student. The teaching staff have encouraged him greatly, allowing him to develop excellent knowledge and understanding.” — The Downing family, British