Admissions at BSB

BSB is an inclusive, non-selective school with an international student body. We are open for tours and welcome students at any time of the year!

As an international school, we are used to accommodating the diverse needs of a highly mobile and hard-working community of families. There is no deadline for applications, and most students are able to join us at any point in the academic year.

Application Process

Step 1: Get to know BSB

Here on our website, you can find information on our fees, term dates, school life, and more.  Like to take look around campus? Please visit our virtual tour.

Step 2: Make an application

If you like what you see and want to make an application, head to our application page where you’ll find the application form and a list of documents you need to provide.

Step 3: Pre-joining interview

Once we’ve received all your documents and application form, we’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-joining interview with the head or deputy head of Primary/Secondary school. If your child has additional learning needs or would benefit from English language support (EAL), this will also be assessed by specialists.

Step 4: The firm offer

If we’re both happy that BSB will be a good fit for your child, we will confirm a secure place in writing and make preparations for a smooth transition into BSB life.

Already seen the school and want to make an application? Apply Now

We limit class sizes to 20 for Kindergarten to Reception, 25 up to Year 5, and 21 in Years 6-11. Years 12-13 have a maximum of 14 students. Exceptions are only made in special circumstances at the discretion of the Head of School.

As you would expect for an international school, a wide variety of languages are taught, with bilingual programmes available at both Primary and Secondary level. French is taught from Kindergarten, so as early as age three is possible, and Dutch is taught at the age of seven.

Students have the opportunity to learn an additional language in Secondary School, and may choose Spanish, German or Dutch. Additional languages, such as Chinese and Russian, are taught on an ad-hoc, extra-curricular basis, with some students going on to gain qualifications in these extra-curricular languages.

We also have a French/English bilingual programme to complement our English-medium teaching. We offer a bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (English with French or Dutch) for students aged 16-18 years. We also offer significantly enhanced French in Secondary School.

Please contact our Admissions Office to find out the latest developments.

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