Student Support

Supporting Students Personally, Socially, Emotionally and Academically

As is the modern British educational tradition, pastoral care forms an integral part of our offering at BSB. Our culture of care and our relationships are our most important asset, and at no point is this more obvious than when a student needs some support.

Alongside our teaching staff, the BSB team includes an educational psychologist, two counsellors, speech and language therapists and four nurses. All are on hand to offer help where needed, with support tailored according to age and the nature of need.

In Primary school, the first port of call for pastoral support is the class teacher, helped by our Learning Assistants and members of the Inclusion and Leadership team. In Secondary school, outstanding pastoral care is delivered through the tutors and Heads of Year, as well as the Access to Learning department which includes BSB’s counselling service.

Academically, students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Additional Educational Needs (AEN) are supported with care and diligence through dedicated departments, staffed by expert teams. As with pastoral care, academic support is underpinned by a number of dedicated systems, but ultimately the process is bespoke. Help can take numerous forms, including combinations of, for example, homework clubs, the support of a Learning Mentor, intensive English immersion programmes and working with parents.

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