Our staff

Our school, like our staff, is diverse.

Our staff

To promote excellence at BSB, we recruit only the very best practitioners who have a passion for their subject and with the skills and talent to make a contribution to the life of the school.

Our teaching staff are highly qualified, professional, committed and dedicated. Many of our teachers are UK trained, although we also employ staff from around the world.

All members of staff are dedicated to supporting our vision of inclusiveness. They work to foster a positive, pro-active learning environment where individuals are encouraged, supported, and given the tools they need to learn, grow and flourish. All of our teaching staff are also involved with extra-curricular activities which contributes to the sense of community our students enjoy.



Meet the teacher

What our teachers say

Laura, Speech and Language Therapist

BSB guides and supports children from such a wide variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds to become the most caring, open-minded and confident students. — Laura, Speech and Language Therapist

John, Deputy Head (Secondary)

“I've worked in several schools before BSB but never found a set of students be so tolerant, accepting and caring towards each other. It's a school where students can be confident to be themselves and can develop to be the person they aspire to be.” John, Deputy Head (Secondary)

Maria, Faculty Leader of Science and Technology

“I love working at BSB because of its truly international nature. Having students from so many culturally diverse backgrounds, speaking a multitude of languages and sharing personal histories has enriched me and made me a much more tolerant and understanding human being.” — Maria, Faculty Leader of Science and Technology

Nicki, Head of Inclusion (Primary)

“It is a joy to work with students from many nationalities. It is our job to provide the supportive, safe and nurturing environment for them to start and continue on their learning journey by taking risks. Watching a non-English speaker embrace the language and speak those first tentative words reminds you of the challenges they face on a daily basis.” — Nicki, Head of Inclusion (Primary)

Mark, Head of Higher Education & Film Coordinator

“10 years ago, BSB became one of the first international schools to start teaching Film. I'm really proud of the films the students have made since then, the international scope of course and the resources available at BSB to study this 'seventh art'.” — Mark, Head of Higher Education & Film Coordinator

Christi-Ann, Faculty Leader Performance & the Arts

“I loved BSB from the moment I came for interview, and still love teaching here 10 years later! The school has amazing facilities, dedicated teachers and wonderful students from a huge range of countries and backgrounds. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly to all, and together we focus on the development and education of each student as an individual.” — Christi-Ann, Faculty Leader Performance & the Arts

Barry, KS3 Coordinator for English

“BSB gives me everyday opportunities that I would rarely experience worldwide: to work with international students; to involve myself with charitable work to raise funds for the needy; to explore human rights; and to work in a cauldron of creative minds in my classroom daily.” — Barry, KS3 Coordinator for English