BSB students achieve remarkable exam results in 2023

Building on existing benchmarks of excellence

The British School of Brussels (BSB) proudly reveals the remarkable accomplishments of the Class of 2023, underscoring the school’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence. This diverse and globally minded cohort has achieved outstanding results across all Post 16 pathways, encompassing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, A Levels, and BTEC qualifications.

In the sphere of A Levels, the students’ achievements add another chapter to BSB’s legacy of excellence in academic and creative domains. Impressively, over half of the total grades attained ranged between A* and B, with an outstanding 32% attaining the coveted A or A* grade. These exceptional results, contributing to BSB’s 99% pass rate, celebrate personal accomplishments and pave the way for future triumphs.

Equally striking are the feats of students enrolled in BSB’s BTEC courses. Their remarkable individual performances have resulted in an impressive 56.5% of all grades being awarded at the Distinction or Distinction* level, while a notable 85% have achieved Merit or higher grades.

BSB students again surpass the global IB average

BSB’s commitment to delivering top-tier academic outcomes is further validated through its standing as a premier IB performing school. The Class of 2023 continues to enhance BSB’s reputation by achieving exceptional IB results, culminating in an impressive three-year average of 37 points. Many students have surpassed the 40-point threshold, securing admissions to renowned global universities. With a pass rate of 97%, BSB students again surpass the global average of 79%.

The 2023 results not only reflect the dedication, resilience, and ambition of the students but also highlight the collaborative endeavours of BSB’s educators, support staff, and parents. The graduates’ placements in prestigious universities and business schools worldwide – from Canada and America to Europe – testify to their remarkable accomplishments.

James Johnson, Acting Vice Principal and Head of Secondary at BSB, commended the graduates, stating, “This cohort’s journey through COVID-related disruptions and the cancellation of GCSE examinations in 2021 showcases their resilience, dedication to learning, and determination to excel during their two years of Post 16 study. Their outstanding results are a source of immense pride, standing as an inspiration to our community and embodying the essence of BSB.”


Amidst the celebration of Post-16 achievements, BSB also applauds another year of noteworthy GCSE exam success. 92% of all GCSE grades awarded to BSB students were Grade 4 or above (where Grade 4 is considered a pass).

Students benefit from comprehensive learning and support network

BSB prides itself on its inclusive approach, valuing students from diverse linguistic backgrounds and those unfamiliar with the English education system. The dedicated team of highly qualified educators, alongside the Care, Guidance, and Support team, collaborates to provide expert academic instruction, exceptional pastoral care, and personalised support, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

“We nurture a culture of aspiration in our students, and BSB’s outstanding professionals play a pivotal role in guiding them to achieve their dreams,” said Principal Melanie Warnes. “The accomplishments of our IB, A Level, and BTEC graduates are a testament to their exceptional abilities. We extend heartfelt congratulations to our students and express gratitude to our devoted staff and supportive parents.”


For more information about BSB’s comprehensive curriculum, including GCSE and Post 16 pathways, as well as its Care, Guidance, and Support services, please visit: Our Curriculum

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