BSB students are national Physics champions! 21 May 2021

BSB students are national Physics champions!


The Belgian Physics Olympiad is a national competition consisting of two rounds of challenging Physics problems that requires a broad knowledge of Physics. The goal of the Olympics is to stimulate young people’s interest in science, create competition, allow the development of individual skills, through personal work, develop clairvoyance and critical thinking, give the best classified the opportunity to show their know-how in the various European and international Olympiads and promote the opening of young people to the world, through international contacts.

The competition consisted of 475 students, from 89 schools across Belgium. 17 BSB students from Year 11 and Year 12 entered, of which 7 reached the final.

Vladislav is the Belgian Physics Olympiad Champion for 2021 retaining his title, having won the competition last year. He then went on to represent Belgium at the European Olympiad for Experimental Science in which he achieved a 2nd place. Gael and Moa achieved joint 3rd place in the Belgian Olympiad.

Warm congratulations to Vladislav, Gael and Mao on their impressive achievement. The competition required strong working knowledge from different areas of Physics, to acquire this knowledge many hours independent study must be undertaken. I would like to congratulate all our finalists on the curiosity and resilience the preparation for such a competition requires. I very much look forward to seeing our next group of students defend Vladislav’s title next year!” said Rory, BSB Physics teacher.

Thanks also to BSB teacher Luc who helped coach Vlad in the French needed so he could translate to English, and then to Russian to solve the problems in the Physics competition. An amazing achievement! Said John Knight, BSB Vice Principal & Head of Secondary School.

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