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Information for University Admissions

The following information is for Universities, regarding BSB Year 13 students 20202021 

  • Schools in Belgium went into lockdown on Wednesday 18 March 2020 and remained in lockdown until the Summer.
  • BSB had online learning in place from Monday 23 March 2020 and this continued for the remaining 12 weeks of the academic year.
  • The online provision was face-to-face classesof 30 minutes, via Office 365 Teams (rather than the timetabled 55 minute lessons). 
  • From September 2020 lessons have taken place on campus.
  • The Year 12 end of year exams scheduled for May 2020 were moved to the final week of August 2020 giving all students an exam experience and to provide important attainment data to departments.
  • Mock exams in Year 13 have been scheduled a month earlier in November 2020 to secure the grades from this in case of a lockdown at a later stage.
  • From 2-13 November Belgium went into a two-week lockdown, so all teaching took place online for this fortnight.  
  • Schools were allowed to return to campus from Monday 16 November, but for students in Year 10-13 this was on a 50% basis with half the time learning on campus and the other half being taught from home through webcam facilitated lessons.

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