Young Journalist Awards

EU Reporter partners with the BSB for Young Journalism Award

After giving a virtual careers talk to Years 12 & 13 in October as part of our BSB Futures programme, our alumna Tori Macdonald, wellness entrepreneur and Development Executive & Journalist, organised an exclusive Young Journalism Award competition for our students with her current place of employment, EU Reporter, a Brussels-based, international online news platform.

The competition gave Year 11-13 students a chance to write a short essay responding to a set prompt: “What being at an international school means to me”. This was a really great opportunity for the students to practice their writing skills, get creative and add to their CVs as many look towards applying for university.

“As a former student at the school, it has been a great pleasure to keep the connection going and offer the current students in Years 11-13 (ages 16-18) an opportunity to practice their writing skills and make an addition to their CV’s as many look towards applying for university,” writes Tori Macdonald. “The competition involved writing a short essay of up to 1,000 words responding to a set question. The question is left quite open to allow plenty of room for the students to get creative and approach it from their own unique perspectives.”

“We were delighted to receive a great number of entries, each piece filled with enthusiasm, personality and an array of well-developed points, justifying their individual experiences as international students. After a tough time trying to choose a winner, the results are in! I can’t stress enough how amazed I am by the outstanding level of language and grammar amongst the students, many of which I’m sure English is not the first language.”

The students who made the top 3 positions were Grace , Maxime and Adam. Many Congratulations!

To find out more and to read the winning entries:

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