New Student Presidents

News 14 May 2019

Our new School Presidents, Aaryan, Anusha, and Lucas have now taken office at the beginning of the Summer Term, after a demanding selection process; they went through three interviews including one led by the School Council and also presented on three occasions to students and staff.

BSB Vice Principal and Head of Secondary, John Knight, welcomed their appointment as Presidents: “I am very proud of all the students who applied and did so well through the process and am delighted for Aaryan, Anusha and Lucas. Apart from each of them being great role models for us all as caring, respectful and confident individuals, they also make a great team together. I am looking forward to working with them on many exciting initiatives at BSB.”

The roles of School Presidents include:

  • chairing the Student Council;
  • liaising and working alongside their Primary counterparts;
  • speaking and representing the school on ceremonial occasions;
  • representing the student body and working with staff to make BSB an even better place for all.

For Anusha, one of the priorities is to boost the interaction among all members of the BSB community: “staff, students and parents working together”. “She is also aiming at building even further the work the older students do alongside the younger students.

“I think we’re in a very positive community right now and it’s great that we are given the opportunity to engage within that community”, said Lucas who is hoping to strengthen students’ interaction with the Houses and the school as a whole.

“Often students have wonderful ideas and sometimes they need more guidance on ho to talk to or who to address about improvements in the school. We want to encourage students to feel free to come up with their own ideas and try to implement them”, added Aaryan.

We wish Aaryan, Anusha and Lucas much success in their new roles.

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