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One Step Beyond BSB: Life After Year 13

In a challenging year for schools and students alike, life and studies continue unabated. For BSB’s graduating Year 13s that means deciding on that all-important question: what’s next? Thanks to our students’ efforts and the help and guidance available at BSB, the answer to that question is: a whole range of fantastic opportunities!

Amazing offers

Despite the difficulty of external circumstances, BSB students between them are holding a huge range of amazing offers, from PPE at Oxford to Music at Boston University; from Psychology at UCL to Aerospace Engineering at Delft; from Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural Society to Hospitality in Breda University of Applied Science. Over 95% of BSB Year 13 students have applied to go to university, making just over 600 applications between them across 13 countries. Of course, some students have other exciting plans: among this year’s graduating students one aims to train as a pilot at a flight school in Brussels and another is due to begin an apprenticeship in London.

It takes a whole school

The level and range of offers on the table are testament to the hard work of BSB students and the support of parents and teachers. For Mark Andrews, Head of Higher Education at BSB, what makes the school strong in this area is the whole-school approach to getting students where they want to be: “Specialist university advisers are just one part of a concerted effort behind the students. This includes teachers who write references and letters of recommendation, advise on technical content in personal statements, and help with interviews, portfolios and auditions; the administrative staff who create transcripts and other essential documentation; the Learning Mentors who guide and support the students beyond their academic curriculum. It’s a whole school, whole community effort.”

A supportive atmosphere for taking risks

Eesha, who plans to study Music, agrees. “I’ll certainly miss the incredibly supportive atmosphere of the school, and how teachers are always willing to help with any issue/question you have.” The diversity of student plans also speaks to the school’s culture of stepping out and exploring new areas of life and learning. For student Silvia, one of the main takeaways from her time at BSB is learning to seize different opportunities and to take risks. “Some of my most memorable and important experiences are from doing things outside of my initial comfort zone.”

Whatever they have chosen for their next step, BSB wishes its graduating students all the very best in the years to come!

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