Outstanding Pearson Learning Awards

Students' results amongst the highest in Europe

Amazing achievements that add to the already excellent results recorded by all our students!

The British School of Brussels is extremely proud to announce that five of our students attained the highest marks in Europe this summer at GCSE or A-level, earning each of them an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award*. These amazing achievements add an extra shine to the already glittering results recorded by all our students who took exams in May and June of this year.

We would like to extend our congratulations to:

  • Andrei – GCSE Computing
  • Anette – GCSE English Lit
  • Natasha – A-level Politics
  • Manan – A-level Business
  • Marianne – GCSE Science (Single Award)

BSB student results amongst the highest in Europe

“To have five students achieve the highest scores in an exam, when thousands of students took those exams, is remarkable,” said BSB Principal Melanie Warnes.

Teachers of the students were equally effusive in their praise.

“Andrei has showed a deep-rooted passion for computer science from the very start of the course,” said Jacob De Backer, Department Leader of Computer Science. “He is an amazing computational thinker and programmer, who loves to share his talent with other students in the class. Andrei enjoys experimenting with both writing and using complex applications, constantly challenging the limitations of the software and his own knowledge. We are immensely proud of his amazing accomplishments!”

“We are so proud of Anette’s achievement,” said Clare Gunns, Faculty Leader English & Media. “She models BSB’s values perfectly in that she is a curious, confident, and determined student. Anette is a true polymath, a scientist, who is also an empathetic and sensitive reader. We are delighted with her outstanding result in English Literature, but we are not surprised!”

“Natasha was a pleasure to teach and was always quick to grasp new concepts and apply them to her studies,” said Nicola Townsend, Government & Politics Coordinator with History. “Her ability to research and synthesise political information was always impressive, notably because she made excellent use of current affairs to produce strong written work with a clear sense of argument. The History and Politics Department is delighted by her result and look forward to learning about her undergraduate progress in Politics and International Relations.”

“From the onset of his A Level studies, Manan deeply impressed us with his intellectual acuity, naturally inquisitive manner and his keenness to discuss current affairs,” said Pascale O’Kelly, Faculty Leader HSPS. “Manan was an exceptional A Level student making him one of the top achievers of his cohort, and certainly one of the top students I have come across in 26 years of teaching.”

“Marianne joined BSB in Year 11 and did the Science (Single Award) as part of the CORE programme,” said Maria Schram, Faculty Leader Science & Technology. “What is outstanding is that Marianne sat the Single Award qualification after only two terms of learning, whilst other students would have had two years. Marianne is currently one of the Chemistry subject captains and several of the Science teachers have stated she is one of the best students they have ever taught.”

Highest possible IB score

In addition to these amazing results, seven BSB students scored the highest mark in their respective subjects in Belgium. These students will also receive a certificate from Pearson to mark their achievements. So well done to: Yurie, Ziyo, Samual, Sophie-Beatrice, Ruby, Clemence, and Andrei. There should also be a special mention for Daisy who scored a mighty 45 points in her IB (International Baccalaureate) results, the elusive highest possible score that can be achieved.

These are all incredible results and another testament to the strength of BSB across all subjects, from English to Business, from Politics to Computer Science, and across all our educational pathways. These and all the other excellent academic achievements that we have celebrated over the past year demonstrates that BSB students are individuals that are able to have success whatever their strengths or interests and that, as per our vision based on the school’s Guiding Statements, we continue to deliver the highest quality of teaching and learning that is second to none.

Well done to you all! We are so proud of you.

(*The global Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards are awarded to learners worldwide – outside the UK – who have taken Pearson Edexcel iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE, GCSE, International AS/A level, and A level examinations and have achieved outstanding results.)

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