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News 27 February 2018

A celebration of learning

Connecting, Collaborating, Creating

The British School of Brussels (BSB) is developing a vibrant and sustainable Professional Learning Community (PLC), a community where ‘like-minded practitioners’ come together to explore areas of mutual interest; with a desire to collectively make a difference to student outcomes, enhancing student life chances in the future workplace and as individuals, a chance to grow their learning. BSB began this process in 2017 by organising three Professional Learning days, where by invitation, members across the whole BSB learning community were encouraged to share their learning and thinking, through running a small group conversation on one of the professional learning days. Over 25% of the BSB community put their names forward!

Engagement in this style of professional development has had a very positive effect, with a cultural shift in thinking, and a real sense of empowering members to work ‘with, for and on behalf’ of one another through such days.

A group of twelve BSB Professional Learning Partners (PLP’s) further underpins the PLC concept, drawn from the sections of the whole school community. The PLP’s are peers, available to listen, to talk with and to engage members of the community who have talents and areas of expertise that until now may have been untapped or indeed unknown. Work is enhanced by quality research and enquiry. Whilst building within and deepening understanding, we are now looking outwards to connect and network, to collaborate and to create, with other ‘like-minded ‘ communities of practice. The principle of looking outside and connecting is to share and to co-construct ways forward rather than working in glorious isolation. Are there areas of mutual interest where together into the future, we could build; a concept of working called… better together?

More information will follow shortly regarding an event in October to celebrate this learning.




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