Success on and off the field for BSB Football

Records broken and trophies won across Europe


BSB’s football teams have achieved remarkable success in their seasonal tournaments across Europe, setting new records.

After securing their maiden titles last year, the Varsity Boys team maintained their dominance by clinching the International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA) Division One title in Barcelona, showcasing tremendous resilience and character. They then added the International Sporting Championships Conference (ISCC)  title in Rome to this, making it four titles in two years – an incredible achievement.

Additionally, the Junior Varsity Boys, a young group, displayed incredible strength and determination to secure their first senior football title in the Sport Council of International Schools (SCIS) Conference competition. Elsewhere, the middle school boys also impressed with bronze in the inaugural ISCC competition in Rome.

The Varsity Girls team continues to excel and earned bronze medals at the ISSC Division One Tournament in Geneva, a remarkable achievement. They won another bronze medal in Rome in early December. Their possession-based style of play and impressive record over the past three years is a testament to their own development as well as the success and evolution of the school’s football programme.

In addition to these triumphs, both the u15 and u17 boys teams secured league titles as part of our enduring partnership with Tempo Overijse, with outstanding unbeaten performances in the local leagues.

Coaching yields results in sporting and personal development

The success of our school’s football teams goes beyond mere victories on the field; it is a testament to the comprehensive player development fostered by the outstanding coaching programme at BSB. Since football transitioned to a year-round sport in 2019, our approach has evolved into a holistic player development strategy that not only hones athletic skills but moulds well-rounded, caring, and confident individuals. Its popularity has led to substantial growth with nearly 600 students participating in various sessions and teams.

In the realm of competitive sports, victories and championships often take the spotlight, but at BSB, the success of our sporting teams transcends the results. Beyond the tangible trophies and accolades, the true measure of achievement lies in the development of our players as individuals: rounded, caring, confident young men and women who carry themselves with respect both on and off the field.

Central to this remarkable transformation is the extraordinary coaching programme at BSB, which serves as the backbone for cultivating not just skilled athletes but also responsible, empathetic individuals. The emphasis on character development goes hand in hand with athletic prowess, creating a unique and nurturing environment that fosters personal growth.

Unique partnerships continue to bear fruit on and off the field

As well as the individually tailored training regimes put in place by the BSB coaching staff, supported by programmes developed by our partners at the West Ham United Foundation, and the increased involvement in competitive matches through the school’s collaboration with Tempo Overijse, our coaches prioritise instilling values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience. These principles are not only engrained in the athletes during training sessions but are also reflected in their behaviour during competitions. The result is a cohort of players who approach every match with a winning mindset, not only in terms of goals but also in terms of attitudes and conduct.

The sporting programmes at BSB empower individuals to believe in their abilities, both on and off the pitch. This confidence not only contributes to improved athletic performance but also translates into everyday life, equipping students with the self-assurance needed to face challenges head-on.

A distinguishing feature of BSB’s football teams is the genuine camaraderie that permeates the squad. The emphasis on teamwork goes beyond strategy and tactics on the field; it extends to the development of strong interpersonal relationships. Our players are encouraged to support and uplift one another, fostering a sense of unity that transcends the confines of the pitch. This can be seen in the desire between both boys and girls teams to cheer each other on and celebrate their successes as if they were their own.

Moreover, the coaching staff at BSB places great importance on instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in the players. Beyond the thrill of victory, athletes are taught to gracefully handle defeats, learning invaluable lessons in resilience and determination. This mindset leads to teams which display modesty and humility but also builds players with the desire to improve.

“Participation in BSB football not only improves players’ technical ability with talented and experienced coaches, but it also provides them with a range of life-skills,” one parent said. “It provides the children with the opportunity to work as a team, to co-operate, the importance of discipline, to listen to instructions and equips them with the tools to cope with defeat and success.”

Respect as well as titles won across Europe

As a result of the successful coaching programme at BSB, our football teams are not only recognised for their victories but are respected by others for the remarkable individuals they are becoming. Opponents, spectators, and rival coaches acknowledge the commendable sportsmanship and exemplary behaviour demonstrated by our players, while parents at BSB speak in glowing terms about both the sporting and personal development of their children.

“The football programme at BSB is simply outstanding,” another parent said. “Two of my children joined the teams immediately upon arriving at the school which was great at helping them settle and integrate. The quality of the coaching is way above anything I’ve experienced at clubs or schools in the past and has allowed my children to improve their games immensely. The coaches also foster a great team spirit within the teams, and they push each other to succeed. They are always positive and encouraging towards each other on the pitch which as a parent is great to see.”


BSB’s football programme is not merely about winning matches; it’s about nurturing individuals who carry themselves with integrity, respect, and a sense of responsibility—qualities that will undoubtedly shape their future successes, both on and off the field.

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