Year 6 students excel in Junior Forester Awards

Cultivating environmental stewardship

In a testament to their dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability, BSB’s Year 6 students have achieved remarkable success in attaining their Junior Forester Award certificates.  This milestone underscores their burgeoning passion for nature and commitment to safeguarding the environment.

The Junior Forester Award – organised by the UK’s Royal Forestry Society – stands as a beacon for conservationism and sustainability, illuminating the path for children and young adults to delve into the realm of forestry. Its mission is twofold: to offer a glimpse into the intricacies of a forestry career and to furnish participants with practical skills to contribute meaningfully to woodland management within their schools and local communities.

This achievement is the culmination of a rigorous programme comprising a minimum of six sessions, where students immerse themselves in hands-on tasks while augmenting their understanding of woodlands and forestry. Guided by a comprehensive course booklet, participants meticulously record their progress and reflect on their accomplishments, fostering a culture of introspection and continuous improvement.

Outdoor Learning delivers results

Our students had to perform these tasks during their Outdoor Learning classes throughout the year to satisfy the six criteria to earn the Award. These were: identify risks in the forest and improve a site for others; identify at least six different types of trees in our wooded area; identify and improve minibeast and animal habitats on our site; build an item from wood to enhance the site; plant a tree, shrub or hedgerow; and be able to explain the features of BSB’s outdoor spaces to a visitor.

Unbeknownst to the students, they diligently went about these tasks during their classes believing they were just part of the curriculum, when in fact their teachers – Kate and Carola – were already recording each result with a view to completing the Award criteria! Before the final tasks were assigned, the progress Year 6 had made was revealed, with Kate and Carola showing that each student was already just two steps away from becoming a Junior Forester! With an enhanced sense of purpose and new surge of excitement, the remaining tasks were tackled in the knowledge that everyone would be receiving the accolade upon completion. In the end, the entire year group were awarded certificates.

Students learn valuable life and environmental lessons

The sense of achievement was overwhelming, and many of the students reflected on their success with great positivity and a deeper understanding of the responsibility we all have to respect and care for the environment . “Going for this award taught me how to survive outside and to care about the environment,” said Shayan from 6H. “I also experienced how effective learning outside can be.”

“I have learned that nature is an important thing,” said Akim in 6BL. “Without nature, there is no life.”

“It doesn’t matter where you are, we are always connected to nature,” added Isla from 6SE. “We have to appreciate it and look after it. I also learned that we have amazing teachers and that I love outdoor learning!”

“One of the most important lessons I learned is how important nature is,” Astrid from 6S said. “How respectful we need to be to all the animals, trees and plants around us.”

As our Year 6 students bask in the glow of their achievements, their journey exemplifies the transformative power of education in nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious citizens. Through their unwavering dedication, they have not only earned accolades but have also ignited a fervent passion for sustainability and conservation that will reverberate throughout their lives and communities.

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