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BSB celebrates brand new learning facilities for Reception class

Exciting changes greeted our Reception children this term, with the remodel of the BSB Reception classes now complete, transforming it into a single space for learning. The learning environment has been redesigned, planned, and restructured to create many opportunities for critical thinking, independent learning, and many opportunities for social skills to be developed.

What was previously three separate classrooms have been combined into one learning area. The new learning environment offers zones in which children can manipulate objects and explore concepts, available to them daily. The team have planned and set up areas that reflect all areas of the Early Years curriculum. Several zones, some open, others private, allow the children to learn together, or find a sanctuary when needed. Zones for reading, role-play, a creative studio, and exploration of science are strategically placed and specifically designed to encourage a child’s curiosity, and provide the perfect environment for enriched learning to take place.

Speaking about the project, Esther O’Connor, BSB Early Years Team Leader said:

“It has been a really exciting time for the team to redesign and create an environment that has every child’s needs at the heart of it. We have spent time thinking carefully about how we can create not only a stimulating environment but a space in which the children have real ownership and belonging. We are eager to observe the impact of this outstanding space. We hope it will encourage the development of a whole range of skills and concepts and, even more than that, positive attitudes around the whole idea of learning and becoming an independent thinker. A teacher’s dream!”

Learning through play

As we prepare the children for their continued educational journey, our aim at BSB is to focus on helping them become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective.

Our Early Years Team put real emphasis on building foundations of ‘characteristics of effective learning’, such as, creating motivated learners, risk takers, problem solvers and critical thinkers. Our BSB approach to teaching and learning is responsive to the strengths and interests and emerging development of each child and we work towards developing children that are social, empathetic, curious, healthy, and active.

Lara Vinaccia, BSB Learning Assistant said: “By making these changes, not only do we create a more welcoming space for the children, but by removing the barriers between the very youngest learners and their slightly older cohorts, it makes for a more seamless transition between the learning stages.

This will help us to offer an even more stimulating and engaging environment that develops social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive potential.”

At BSB we continue to learn together and inspire success.

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