BSB students achieve COBIS award for significant contribution to the wider community


COBIS (Council of British & International Schools) invited member schools to nominate up to three students for a Student Achievement Award this academic year 2021.  The award recognises outstanding individual achievements or contributions to an aspect of school or community life. Students could be nominated for the award for a number of reasons, including:

Exceptional academic achievement, outstanding effort, commitment to a charitable cause, commitment to environmental sustainability, significant contribution to the wider life of the school, significant contribution to the wider community, a remarkable demonstration of compassion or kindness and resilience in the face of adversity.

BSB students Lea and Silvia were given the award under the category significant contribution to the wider community.

During their summer holidays, Lea and Silvia launched a petition opposing the construction of a McDonalds’ restaurant adjacent to BSB, based on the negative health, environmental, and traffic and safety impacts for the school and the local community. “What began as a school-based campaign blossomed into a town-wide coalition,” said Silvia. Working with locals and the media, they generated over 3000 petition signatures, and local authorities rejected McDonalds’ restaurant proposal. 

It was an opportunity to get involved in our local community and feel like we were making a difference,” Lea said. “We had great support from the Global Issues Network and the entire school community which was really inspiring. We felt that we could make real change happen.”

Working on this campaign helped me to explore different issues that I am passionate,” commented Silvia. “It has highlighted the impact that our voice can have on our environment, especially given the support and encouragement we received from BSB.”

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