“Flight Path” Programme launched at The British School of Brussels (BSB) for Year 11 students

BSB Flight Path: a time limited initiative to provide additional support to students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many families are working flexibly during the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Seizing the opportunity to create something extra and unique during these exceptional times, BSB developed and launched its Post-16 “Flight Path” programme for its Year 11 students to participate in during May and June 2020.  The inspiration came from both Deputy Head  of Secondary School, David Hindley and Assistant Head of Secondary School, James Johnson to ensure that students could maximise their time during what would have been their (I)GCSE exam season.

“This six-week programme provides a structure for live and supported self-study at home to build knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for our Post-16 programmes of study starting in September 2020”, said David.

“BSB has developed two separate suggested structures for “Flight Paths” to cater for its students planning to study A Level, BTEC courses or the IB Diploma. Students will be able to design their own “Flight Path” to Post-16 courses based on these suggested structures using four key learning and support elements,” continued James Johnson.

Key Learning and Support

“Flight Path” offers four key learning and support elements:

  • attending one live lesson per subject, per week in their chosen Post-16 subjects
  • undertaking supported summer self-study at home in preparation for Post-16 courses using resources on BSB’s virtual platform
  • undertaking a self-directed online course to augment skills and understanding to support their Post-16 studies and
  • meeting with their tutor group three times a week to enable them to come together, discuss their progress and make social contact with their friends.


The suggested structure is flexible within three set learning periods each day that reflects the school’s current structure of its Continuous Learning Provision (CLP) timetable and includes a fixed tutor meeting three times a week group for social interaction and to compare notes on how the supported self-study is progressing at home. The learning periods can be interchangeable depending on commitments at home and the availability of the specialist teacher’s timetable for live lessons.

Live Lessons

Live lessons are delivered by subject specialists. One lesson per subject, per week will last 30 minutes, and for a duration of six weeks. They are designed to fit seamlessly within BSB’s current CLP timetable. Live lessons include sessions to introduce the EPQ and Theory of Knowledge courses for A Level and IB respectively.  Student can link up easily via their virtual learning TEAMS environment that all BSB Secondary School students have access to.

Self-Directed Online Learning Courses

Students can undertake some wider learning related to future areas of study, language learning or in an area of personal interest. BSB has organised for courses to be run by different organisations across the world, all available through their virtual platform.

Building skills and experience

BSB has already implemented a successful ‘Employer Engagement’ programme for its students.  Launched several years ago, it helps students to build knowledge, skills and experience relevant to the external business environment, over and beyond the curriculum. Students have attended ‘Career Roundtables’ with notable alumni and businessmen and women, attended an expert panel discussion on the implications of Artificial Intelligence on jobs of the future, listened to corporate executives giving powerful presentations on their own work journey and specialist knowledge by industry or function speciality.  BSB has also organised day trips to Solvay, for a few years now, where an entire Secondary School Year Group spend the day working on real-life challenges with Solvay’s own personnel.

“All this gives them a really unique competitive edge that other schools can’t offer” said David.

BSB Flight Path was a time limited initiative held in May and June 2020 designed to provide additional support to students during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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