The Class of 2024 honoured at BSB's annual graduation ceremony

A celebration of inspiring personal and academic achievements

The BSB Class of 2024 took centre stage during a magnificent graduation ceremony on 21 June. Proud parents, teachers, and staff gathered to celebrate not only the academic achievements of these exceptional students but also their remarkable resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit.

The event was a bittersweet moment filled with hope for the future as the school bid farewell to the Class of 2024. It provided an opportunity for the entire school community to express their admiration and appreciation for the graduates’ accomplishments and to say their goodbyes.

Lauding successes and looking to the future

Graduation is always a time to celebrate and honour our amazing students, reflect on their years at BSB, and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Vice Principal and Head of Secondary, James Johnson, expertly encapsulated this sentiment in his speech. He spoke about the journey that the Class of 2024 had taken to reach this point and the adventures and challenges that await them in the future.

“It has been a great privilege to see our graduating class of 2024 progress and develop into the inspirational young people that they are over the last few years,” James said, speaking after the ceremony. “It has been heart-warming to see a group of young people so committed to each other and so invested in the success of one another, as they have journeyed through our school community. The graduation ceremony was a wonderful celebration of all they have achieved and a portent of the success they will achieve in the future. “

During the ceremony, 127 students took the stage one by one to thunderous applause. They received their graduating packs and heartfelt congratulations from Principal Melanie Warnes, in what was the last graduation ceremony of her eight-year tenure. The JR Hall reverberated with jubilation as each of them was commended for their accomplishments.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Melanie addressed the students with a speech focusing on the transformative power of education and the incredible personal growth these students have experienced throughout their time at the school.

A Night of Celebration

Following the main event, the graduates and attending staff were treated to a splendid post-awards dinner. Stories and reminiscences were shared in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. Due to the bad weather, the reception was moved inside but it did not dampen the spirits. The Swoosh Lounge reverberated with laughter and animated conversations long into the night, as the anticipation and anxiety surrounding the ceremony gave way to jubilation.

Best of luck, BSB Class of 2024 – we are incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments!

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