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Kindergarten: growing curiosity and confidence (age 3-4)

Whatever the topic or time of day, we love hands-on, exploratory learning in Kindergarten.

Whatever the topic or time of day, we love hands-on, exploratory learning in Kindergarten.

In the morning, you might find us predicting how materials transform using sand and water; by the afternoon, we might be engrossed in making a Magritte-style collage. We believe that creativity is a huge part of children’s early learning, giving them opportunities to build their fine motor skills, to express themselves and to try out new ideas and ways of thinking. 

Kindergarten is incredibly well-resourced, with a dedicated outside learning space, a secret garden, access to the lower primary library, role play areas, a mud kitchen, a veritable orchestra of musical instruments and much more. Rather than being an end in itself, however, we use our setting to facilitate the exploration of each child’s unique interests and maximise their engagement, fun and understanding. Our sessions are rich with imaginative and sensory experiences, stimulating language development by way of enquiry, research opportunities, collaboration and critical thinking. Questions are music to our ears – the more whats, whys and hows, the better!

The Kindergarten staff are nurturing and innovative. Every member of the team is adept at harnessing children’s natural inquisitiveness to inspire a love of learning. We document key moments via Tapestry, a secure online platform which allows us to record photos, text and video footage to share with parents. Parent partnership is vital to our achievements: as the BSB motto goes, we learn together every day – children, teachers, parents and the wider school community – to inspire success.

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