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Upper Primary - Years 3-6

Years 3-6: the most fulfilling education? A broad and generous one (age 7-11)

Upper Primary – Key Stage Two – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Listening to another person’s story is a window into another world. In Upper Primary, we continue our bespoke curriculum – based on the UK’s national curriculum but adapted to our international context – allowing time and space to learn from our students’ powerful personal narratives.

Upper Primary is a thrilling stage, rich in opportunity and discovery. We make connections between different subject areas and cultures with our Units of Discovery, building connections between science, geography, history, art and PSHE (personal, social and health education) and promoting independence and personal learning. A dedicated librarian and specialist teachers for French, Dutch, Physical Education (PE) and Music help our young people to develop their intellectual passions, as well as discover new ones.

Language learning is incredibly important at BSB. French is a core subject for ages 3-16, Dutch is taught from beginner to mother-tongue level and we’re curious about and celebrate the mother-tongues of all students. We also offer intensive English support for those arriving with little or no English, as well as EAL (English as an Additional Language) support groups for those who need a degree of help.

At BSB, enrichment activities spill out onto the sports pitches, the swimming pool, the theatre, the art studio and the technology hub. To give you an idea of the scale and scope of clubs we offer, in 2019 over 100 teachers and coaches ran 290 sessions per week. Our offering is diverse, from chess to choir and from tennis to public speaking.

We continue to work in partnership with parents in Upper Primary, just as we do all the way through BSB. We know that our ‘arms around families’ approach makes all the difference, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been with us from day one.

Contact Admissions today to arrange a visit – we’d be delighted to show you around.

Featured Videos

Charlie Year 4 parent

Charlie and his family chose BSB for many reasons and in particular the relaxed and friendly atmosphere 

Anne Year 6 parent

Anne comments on her children’s development in confidence, resilience and independence in Year 6 

Fabrice Year 5 Parent

Fabrice, father of 3 children at BSB says he chose BSB for being so multi-cultural, and even though it is a big school, it is more like a small family!

Liz Year 4 Teacher

Learning through the eyes of the children, feeding their thirst for knowledge’ – listen to Liz Year 4 teacher and why it is a privilege for her to be part of BSB.

Claire Year 3 Teacher

Claire puts some focus on the Arts and outdoor learning spaces in her film as Year 3 teacher.

Anne Year 3 Parent

BSB parent, Anna explains her thoughts on upper primary and the benefits to her child of studying in Upper Primary at the British School of Brussels.

Year 6 Learning Assistants

Year 6 Learning Assistants tell their story of how BSB provides a sense of community in a supportive and caring environment, ensuring children are in a happy place from day one.


Learn about Technology for Learning at BSB and the benefits of practical learning at a young age.

Year 5

Dan, BSB’s year 5 team leader explains more about BSB’s working environment.

Year 6

Sarah, BSB teacher for over 10 years talks passionately about her love for teaching and in particular the variety of opportunities for children in Year 6.

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