Putting principles into practice (age 4-5)

In Reception, we build on firm foundations and embark on a slightly more structured way of learning. Kindergarten’s focus on listening carefully to different sounds paves the way for phonics and early reading; mark making develops into letter formation and early writing, and we devote explicit teaching time to number and mathematical development. Guiding children through this exciting stage of their development is a privilege we never tire of. 

We continue to place equal importance on academics and ‘skills for life’. We know that learning takes many forms, from washing our bikes and scooters together after Wheels Day to building a rocket, and it’s our view that confidence, listening skills and teamwork are just as important as being able to read, write and handle numbers with confidence. It’s also vital that children can apply what they’ve learned to other contexts so that they can investigate, solve problems, make predictions and take on creative risks – both inside and out of the classroom.

Our hand-in-hand approach with parents begins in Early Years and continues throughout each child’s BSB journey. We use the secure online platform Tapestry to share children’s achievements, goals and ‘aha!’ moments with adults at home, and our teachers work with parents to explore flexible academic and pastoral support where needed. 

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The Early Excellence Centre of Inspirational Learning in the UK recognised the Early Years expert teaching and provision when it accepted BSB as one of its first training partnership schools within Europe

Our Reception

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