IB Diploma

IB Diploma in Belgium

The British School of Brussels offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. This provides an opportunity to follow a highly regarded pre-university course.

The IB is a highly effective preparation for university and the world of employment. Diploma holders can gain entry to many universities worldwide, including the most prestigious. The programme can be completed in a two-year period, just as A-Levels would be. The course itself is suited to students with a desire to learn and those who enjoy a broad curriculum. The benefit of an IB course is, it offers academic rigour, genuine breadth and coherence, and can develop initiative and resourcefulness within individuals.

Other advantages of an IB Diploma

Deciding upon a Post-16 education path can be a difficult one, but not commonly thought about, as most schools offer only one or two options which are typically A Levels and/or BTECs. At The British School of Brussels, we want to provide our students with a variety of options to guide them towards the options that are suited to each individual. This allows them to excel in education and progress further later on in life.

Our IB programme here at BSB has a multitude of advantages:

  • The study of six subjects from a prescribed pattern ensures that you follow a broad and balanced course of study;
  • All the courses are relevant to students’ experiences since they are all designed specifically for international students;
  • Students choose to study some subjects in depth (Higher Levels) while maintaining breadth with Standard Level courses;
  • The other areas of the Post-16 curriculum such as Physical Education, the Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS), which are compulsory for all students, actually count towards your overall Diploma;
  • Students receive an overall Diploma based on points scored in each subject. Therefore, if they do not do very well in one area, it can be compensated for by a better performance in another;
  • The IB Diploma is welcomed by universities throughout the world as excellent preparation for undergraduate study. It is highly regarded by European and USA institutions and is fully accepted and welcomed by all UK universities as an equally prestigious to A Levels.

Success of the IB Diploma at BSB

We are proud that our IB Diploma students have seen measurable success from choosing this Post-16 educational path. With a 99% pass rate over the past three years, our students continue to excel. More often than not, our students go on to receive offers from prestigious universities across the world.

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