A Levels in Belgium

The British School of Brussels (BSB) offers A Levels as one of three pre-university academic route options. This provides an opportunity to follow a highly regarded pre-university route throughout the world. A Levels are completed over the course of two years at BSB and the student can choose from 20 A Level subjects.

We have high academic standards. Typically, over one-third of our students gain the highest A*/A grades at A Level, which is significantly above UK national levels.

The standard university requirement in the United Kingdom and Europe is three A Levels. Occasionally, students of high mathematical or linguistic ability may take a fourth A Level in either Further Maths or a modern language, but this is exceptional. In addition to completing A Levels, students will also complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is an independent piece of research carried out on a subject of the student’s choice. Students also give a presentation about their report or product. This additional undertaking further assists with students’ university prospects.

Why choose A Levels

Finding the right pre-university route can be difficult and is not usually considered until the time to choose arrives. At BSB, we want to make sure our students know the benefits of each of the three routes we offer (A Levels, BTEC and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma) and they choose the one most suited to them.

A Levels are a gold standard internationally recognised qualification and can be ideal for those students looking to apply to international universities or employers alike. This course option is also suited to students who are aware of their career path and want to become more specialised towards a certain subject area.

Class sizes at BSB for pre-university routes usually average between five and eight per class though can on occasion be up to twice this size in some subjects. This provides an enriching learning environment allowing teachers to support students and eases communication.

Success of the A Levels at BSB

We are proud that our A Level students have seen strong academic success from choosing this Post-16 educational path.  Over the past three years we have seen, on average, a third of students grades achieved at A or A* while two thirds have been between A* and B. More often than not, our students go on to receive offers from prestigious universities across the world.

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Welcome to our Secondary School

  • About our school

    BSB’s Secondary School is a multicultural, international and progressive community of students aged 11-18. Learning is a partnership between teachers and students at BSB. They are supported both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that all students can succeed.

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Facts & Figures

  • Pre-university routes

    A Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and BTEC vocational qualifications

  • A Level, IB & BTEC subject options

    25 A Level and BTEC options, and 25 IB choices

  • 100% pass rate in IB

    97% of BSB students achieved the IB Diploma with a very impressive average of 30 points or higher in 2022

  • 100% pass rate at A Level

    50% of A Level grades were A*/A in 2022

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