Our Results

We are incredibly proud of our long history of academic success at BSB. This is particularly impressive considering that we are a non-selective school and the language of instruction is not the first language of many of our students. Students of every ability are supported to do the very best that they can and we are equally proud of all of our wonderfully diverse students.

Our entry requirements are similar to other inclusive schools in Belgium.

Our results in 2021

International Baccalaureate: Students of all abilities outperform students at other schools and thus we are proud to report that the following results are inclusive of the total cohort of students.

100% pass rate in the IB Diploma (Typically, 85% of our students meet the grade requirements for the IB Diploma programme which is a similar entry profile to other inclusive international schools in Belgium).

  • 40.0pt average (compared to a 33pt IB world average).
  • 92% of BSB students achieved the IB Diploma with a very impressive average of 37 points or higher compared to a worldwide figure under 37%
  • 35% of students achieved a score of 42pts or higher with three scoring the rare top grade of 45 pts.

This places BSB as unequivocally the top performing IB school in Belgium and one of the top schools in the world.



Our A-level students are able to specialise in a small set of preferred subjects from a wide range of choices leading to outstanding examination success in a variety of disciplines.  This years results were a record for the school.

  • 100% pass rate at A Level
  • 75% of grades were between A*-B
  • 27% of students achieved an A* grade with two students achieving All A*s


  • 100% pass rate in BTEC
  • Half of our students’ grades were achieved at Distinction* level which is the highest possible grade.
  • 83% of grades were Distinction or Distinction* which is the equivalent of A/A* at A-level

Leavers and their destinations

Students graduate from BSB with great results and receive offers to study at some of the best universities in the world. But students at BSB are more than statistics – it is just as important to us that students have the confidence and self-awareness to chose the best course for them as it is what their final scores are.

For us the sign of a great education is not just the exam results but also that students go on to follow a pathway in the world that will see them enjoy fulfilment and be the best that they can possibly be.

With this in mind, we celebrate leavers who have, for example, taken up places at a wide variety of higher education institutions. In the UK: Oxford, Imperial College London, Edinburgh, University College London, St Andrews, Bath, Warwick, Exeter, the Royal Agricultural University, the University of East Anglia, Sussex, Leeds, Swansea, Salford and the University of the Arts London. In Europe: at Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg, KU Leuven, ESADE and Breda University of Applied Science. In North America: at Boston University, Northeastern, the New School in New York City, McGill, Toronto, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

BSB graduates are now studying, for example: Medicine; Politics and History; Psychology, Filmmaking; Economics and Econometrics; Information Management for Business; Music; Graphic Design, Chemical Engineering; Law; Computer Science and Mathematics; Hospitality; Sustainable Development; Creative Writing and English Literature; Sport Rehabilitation; Aerospace Engineering; and Drama and Musical Theatre.

We also celebrate the progression of students have also gone on to study for apprenticeships (in car mechanics and with Transport for London), to train to be a pilot or to take Gap Years before applying to university or entering the world of work.

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