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Our Results

At BSB, we help develop students who are well balanced, self-confident and respectful young people. We also have a long history of academic success at BSB. This is particularly impressive considering that we are a non-selective school and the language of instruction is not the first language of many of our students.

Our results in 2020

  • 100% pass rate at IB Diploma, 100% pass rate at A Level and 100% pass rate in BTEC;
  • Our average IB Diploma point score was 38 points (29.9 IB world average 2020);
  • 37% of our IB Diploma students obtained 40 points or higher, compared to just 9% of students worldwide;
  • 71% achieved the IB Diploma with an impressive 36 points or higher compared to a worldwide figure or 27%;
  • 43% of our A Level students scored A or A* (27.9% national average 2020) and 74% A*-B (54.3% national average 2020);
  • In BTEC, 56% of our students’ grades were achieved at Distinction* level which is the highest possible grade.

Leavers and their destinations

BSB students receive offers to study at some of the best universities in the world. Over the last three years leavers have had an excellent range of offers from universities around the world including Tufts, Cornell and NYU (USA), McGill and UBC (Canada), Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), KU Leuven; Ecole Polytechnique (Europe) and Bath, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Imperial, LSE, Oxford, St Andrews, and UCL (UK). Students also go on to more diverse courses at universities that are selective in their field such as Russian Studies (Manchester), Wildlife Conservation (Kent), Football Coaching & Performance (Chichester) and Officer Training (RAF).

Our dedicated Higher Education team provide individual assistance and expert guidance depending on the geographic region to which a student is applying.

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