Bilingual Programme

Bilingual Programme

We are one of the few schools in Belgium to offer truly bilingual classes. Our French-English bilingual programme begins at age four in Primary School and continues until age 14 (Year 9) in Secondary School.

The content of the curriculum and the assessment for the bilingual tutor class in Years 7-9 are exactly the same as for the other tutor groups. Some subjects are delivered 50% in English and 50% in French; others are delivered solely in French and the remainder are delivered in English. Subjects delivered only in English still have selected resources and activities in French.

The bilingual programme in Years 7-9  is ideal for those students who will continue to the IB Bilingual Diploma in French-English after the age of 16. Students also have the option to study for a bilingual IB Diploma in Dutch-English.

Languages are integral to our curriculum

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