A BSB education broadens students’ experiences of learning and improves their life skills by providing a wide range of activities and opportunities in and out of the classroom. School trips are an important part of school life. There are a variety of opportunities for short and extended trips both in Belgium and abroad. Some trips are part of the required curriculum (such as Geography fieldwork) whilst other trips may be optional but highly encouraged (such as a language exchange).

Years 7-9

An annual trip for each Year Group gives all students the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities. These trips also build a sense of unity within the Year Group and encourage social development. The costs for all the Year Group trips for Years 7-9 are included in the school fees. Just a few examples of recent trips include:

  • Albertville in the French alps;
  • An adventure centre on the Isle of Wight, UK;
  • Sailing in the south of France.

Years 10-13

Older students have the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of curricular trips related to the courses that they choose to follow. Students participate in short and extended trips across Europe and North America. Just a few examples of recent trips include:

  • Iceland / Sicily (Geography);
  • New York / London (Drama);
  • Cadiz (Spanish);
  • Silicon Valley (Information Technology);
  • Berlin (German and History).


Secondary students also regularly take part in trips within Belgium and further afield as part of their Enrichment activities or as part of their work in our Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) programme. Destinations are as far ranging as a sporting tournament in the Benelux region to humanitarian work in Ghana as part of the school’s own student-led charity ‘The Best of Both’.

The Best of Both trip to Ghana

Recent trips

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